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Book clubs are a great way to discover new books, connect with friends, and engage in stimulating conversation. To help make your book club gathering entertaining and productive, here's a set of discussion questions for It Started in June to get you started:

Grace and Bradley are clearly attracted to each other, and yet these feelings do not come to the surface until the night they have drinks after work. Why do they keep their attraction hidden? And what causes its undeniable presence?

Shannon Greene is Grace’s close and only friend. Why doesn’t Grace have more friends? What do friendships offer that Grace is missing in her life?

After Grace and Bradley have sex in her car, they decide that they best way to get to know each other is to start from the beginning. Does this work?

When Grace discovers she is pregnant, she considers, almost immediately, the possibility of keeping the baby? How does her unhappy childhood play a role in this decision?

How does Grace’s unhappy childhood dictate how she lives her adult life?

Bradley’s mother, Dorrie, is a psychiatrist who is willing to flatten the line between what she knows is right and what she chooses to do or say. How do her husband, Bruce, Bradley, and Grace handle her intrusive and, at times, unprofessional, behavior?

How does Grace’s accident on Christmas Eve change her relationship with Bradley?

Why is Bradley tempted by Rachel’s attention to and affection for him?

Why is complete trust between Grace and Bradley so elusive? How much does their age difference matter?

Grace’s relationship with her mother, Robin, is complicated and strained. What does each character learn from her interaction with the other?

How and why does Bradley finally free himself from Rachel?

What do Grace and Bradley learn from their time away from each other?

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